Welcome to Aruwe

Aruwe was started in 1993 by a team of Social Work professionals who had realized the need to work towards the well being of the urban poor. 

Initially our primary focus was to provide care and support to the destitute elderly and subsequently our work also started focusing on children and women. 

In the year 2000, Aruwe entered a new phase of its existence with its registration as a Public Charitable Trust and it continues to work relentlessly towards enriching lives of the urban poor. 




Truly an amazing team of highly motivated people who are always ready to give their very best to the needy.

Dr. Udaya Mahadevan
Dr. Udaya Mahadevan Retd. Prof. of Social Work, Loyola College, Chennai

Aruwe has immensely contributed to Children welfare activities in the past 21 years

Mrs. Janaki Arunkumar
Mrs. Janaki Arunkumar Commissioner IRS

1000s of families have benefited out of women's empowerment program.

Ms Buela Azaria
Ms Buela Azaria Chief Executive (ECOMWELL)

Community health programs by Aruwe has transformed the living condition of countless people for two generations.

Mr. Chellappa
Mr. Chellappa Inspector of Police Ayanavaram

We could see Aruwe bringing smiles to the destitute elders who are abandoned by their families.

Mr. Prasad Mani
Mr. Prasad Mani Apac Project Manager (Paypal)

Our Donors