About Aruwe

Aruwe was started in 1993 by a team of Social Work professionals who had realized the need to work towards the well being of the urban poor. 

Initially our primary focus was to provide care and support to the destitute elderly and subsequently our work also started focusing on children and women. 

In the year 2000, Aruwe entered a new phase of its existence with its registration as a Public Charitable Trust and it continues to work relentlessly towards enriching lives of the urban poor. 


ARUWE envisages better quality of life to the urban poor

Enhancing lives of the urban poor with special focus to children, women and the destitute elderly by providing quality care, support, advocacy, information, education, research, training and development.

ARUWE values compassion, commitment, competency and sustainable continuum of care and support to children, women and the destitute elderly while embracing humanism and human rights.


1993 - 2003

- Medical camps
- Family counselling
- Health interventions and referrals
- Day care for destitute elderly
- Educational assistance to school dropouts
- Fieldwork training to Social Work students
- HIV/AIDS awareness programs
- Supplementary education to children
- Residential care for destitute elderly
- Formation of self-help groups (SHGs)
- Community development programs
- ARUWE was registered as a Trust
- Corporate Chill Out (Annual fund raising event)
- Night meal for children

2004 -2014

- Homeless children project
- Community mental health project
- Drop in centre for children forced into begging
- Tailoring institute for women
- Resource centre for Girls Reception Unit
- Resource centre for Boys Observation Home