Day care for the elders

Aruwe found many elders from the poor urban communities who had lived with their families but with declining faculties both mental and physical and diminishing social engagements. In order to engage the elders through meaningful activities in a systematic way, we have started day care centre in collaboration with the police boys club of Ayanavaram, Chennai. 



To provide food, clothing, counselling and recreational activities to the community living elderly women.   


Elderly women who are 55 plus years and above attend the day care every day except Sundays. They are engaged with recreational activities besides receiving counselling support when required. 

Food, clothing, and medicines are also given to those elderly free of cost. 

Aruwe extends its service also to ensure dignified death ceremonies of those dying elderly in the community. 

Aruwe has reached out to more than 5522 elders and the number is on a rise.