Samooha Mana Arogya

Community Mental Health

The family and the community in India have always played a significant role in the management of the chronic mentally ill in the community. Yet, there have been several community studies which have demonstrated that one third of the chronic mentally ill in the community remain untreated. The need to "reach the untreated", given the inadequacies of mental health care facilities in India was the prime motivating factor for the community mental health movement. Recent times, many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play a pivotal role in filling the gap in the existing mental health services in India and the substantial need for these services. 

Aruwe, hence strategizes to utilize existing community resources for implementation of community mental health program by incorporating informal human resources with specialist psychiatric care and integrated with existing health care facilities. 




  • De-stigmatise and de-mystify mental illness among lay population
  • Sensitize the community to mental health issues
  • Identify persons with mental health problems in the community and
  • Provide treatment and rehabilitation services through referrals and linkages 


Aruwe creates awareness of mental health problems among community people using public friendly methods like face-to-face talks, street theatre, folk dance and drama in technical consultation with a multi-disciplinary team. 

Aruwe collaborates with other organizations to train community volunteers in the identification and referral of persons with mental health issues; operate periodic mental health clinics in the community to provide medical care to the identified mentally ill; and to train the community workers to implement simple psychosocial rehabilitation measures, especially mobilization of locally available resources. 

Besides, Aruwe networks with other medical and social service organisations for the purpose of rehabilitation.