Sthree Shakthi

(Women Empowerment)

Women have seldom participated in their emancipation due to educational and economic backwardness. Empowering women to participate fully in life across all sectors is essential to build stronger communities and economies. We believe that gender issues are not simply talking about women’s issues but about understanding opportunities, constraints and the impact of change as they affect both men and women. The impact of inequality is reflected in the status of women worldwide and in India. The United Nations Development Programme constituted eight Millennium Development Goals (MDG) for ensuring equity and peace across the world and Aruwe’s program for women is in alignment with the third MDG – promote gender equality and empower women. 




To form self-help groups to reverse marginalization of women to visible advocates of gender empowerment


Aruwe’s ‘Sthree Shakthi’ program is holistically combined with education, training, crisis intervention and management, and linkages with other institutions to render a comprehensive strategy for empowering women. 

Sthree Shakthi project aims at enhancing women’s access to resources for better quality of life through use of literacy, health, drudgery and time reduction devices, confidence enhancement, and increasing control over their income through involvement in skill development and income-generating activities